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Quench Fluid Systems


Product Description

  • Circulation in accordance with API 682 / ISO 21049: Plan 51, Plan 52
  • Quench fluid supply system is employed for applications in sealing systems with a wide variety of operating parameters for supplying quench fluid to double and tandem mechanical seals. They act as a convenient fluid reservoir. The exchange of fluid takes place by the thermosiphon principle or by forced circulation, for example with a pumping screw. The QFS2000 stainless steel tank is equipped with sight-glasses for monitoring the MIN/MAX level and can be fastened with a lug fixture. The leakage overflow can be selectively discharged.
Item No. Description
1 Storage tank (capacity 3L)
2 Inlet filter with vented cap
3 Sight-glass or level switch
4 Name plate
5 Overflow G 1/8